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Total Solution Provider in safe, efficient and effective medication distribution


Depending on the specific care process we provide a “best-in-class” solution.

Our solutions optimize the total logistical flows and minimize the return flows.

We focus our services on the distribution, preparations and administration of the medication. We are able to create interfaces with all electronic patient files and electronic prescription systems. We give the care centre the possibility to make their own choice of electronic care dossier.

All our solutions are focused on a safer – more efficient and more effective medication process within the institution and towards patients.

All our solutions are designed for a more economic way of operating around medication.

Changing treatment at the end of a box results in more losses than changing the treatment before the end. Our solutions minimize the losses, the stocks and the waste.

Our mission is to create for our customers and their patients the highest secured level of medication processes.

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Conclusion for our services and testimonials from our analyses: real business case for Greenfield Hospital (Belgium) with 1,100 beds.

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